Not only does TRIAD provide development services to our clients, but we also have developed and hold a number of properties for our own use and leasing. That gives us a unique perspective of not only a contractor and developer, but also a landlord. This perspective is very helpful when assisting our clients with assessments of their real estate development opportunities.

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Site Selection

Often, we have clients come to us with a desire to pursue a real estate investment opportunity, but have no parcel in mind. The advantage to working with a TRIAD Real Estate realtor for site locating services is that our brokerage staff will be searching for the proper site with the “big picture” in mind, which saves effort, time and money. The TRIAD team will first work with the client to establish the client’s Project Values such as building construction needs, timeframe, overall project budget, and schedule. Guided by those factors, the brokerage staff will be able to move through the property search more quickly, weed out sites that will not meet all of the requirements, and locate the site that will work best.

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Real Estate Brokerage

A major advantage to having in-house real estate brokerage to serve our clients is the fact that real estate contracts can be crafted on behalf of our clients that will have our client’s best interests in mind. For example, because the real estate broker is a part of the team that is concerned not only with closing on a piece of property, but also with the completion of a successful and on-budget development project, the broker will know exactly how much time is needed to complete a feasibility study on the parcel, they will understand the complexities involved in properly entitling and developing the property, and they will be able to negotiate on behalf of the client accordingly.

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Feasibility Analysis

Once a piece of property has been identified and brought under contract, the TRIAD team can begin the feasibility study. Integrating our Architecture, Engineering, Estimating, Construction and Real Estate departments, we are able to bring the big picture into focus to ensure for our clients that the parcel that has been chosen is well suited for their investment needs and that the total project will be successful and profitable.

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Architecture and Engineering

Intersection, LLC is the architecture and engineering arm of the TRIAD Companies. The name Intersection, originated from the recognition that our design team is responsible for evaluating a project from the perspective of the intersection point of all of our client’s needs. Space requirements, technology needs, aesthetics, and budget are just a few of the items that are evaluated to help establish criteria for design and we call these items our client’s Project Values. It is then our design team’s job to integrate the proper services necessary to address the project values of each client and provide solutions that are a fine balance of function, flexibility, aesthetics, and cost.

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Project Management

The project management department plays an integral role on the TRIAD Companies team throughout a given project to make the development process run smoothly. Project Management has input on projects as early on as the Feasibility Study phase and also at the Architecture and Engineering phase. The Project Management department’s ‘in the trenches” perspective is often a good reality check on the viability of a project on a given site and it is invaluable when it comes to designing efficient construction details and keeping the overall design within the target budget. Once the design is complete, Project Management becomes the primary contact with the client and it is their responsibility to keep the client informed on an on-going basis. Project Management serves as the final step in cost control. As drawings are finalized, it is their job to bid out all of the work thus taking advantage of the competitive bid approach, but utilizing it in a much more controlled setting. Our Project Management staff has hands-on experience in all aspects of construction. It is their job to deliver the highest quality construction to our clients at the best cost on schedule.

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Design/Build Construction

The Design/Build approach to a development or construction project is a method that saves money, time and headaches. This is accomplished by having one entity responsible for proper design, cost controls, product quality, satisfactory delivery and warrantee commitment of the completed project.

At TRIAD, we have the expertise in-house to provide our clients with exactly the type of construction services they need. Our in-house, registered architectural and engineering staff knows what it takes to design a quality project which suits the client’s needs and budget. Our knowledge of a variety of building types, specifically steel, masonry and precast concrete, enables us to choose the right approach for our client’s building project. By using designs, methods, and techniques which we as contractors know to be effective, we can ensure early on that costs will be controlled throughout the design process and value engineering will be simplified.

As codes and regulations continue to become more complex and restrictive, our experience and professionalism in this area have proven essential in ensuring the success of development projects that might otherwise have been abandoned due to bureaucratic red tape or skyrocketing costs.

With hands-on construction experience, TRIAD’s project management staff keeps the owner informed and in control while assuring a quality project.

TRIAD’s familiarity with the complexities of property management, title company and bank requirements, contract documentation, insurance certifications, accounting controls, and draw requests exemplify the staff’s commitment to detail. It is the integrity and ability of TRIAD’s team and the TRIAD Approach that guarantees the success of our client’s projects from concept to reality.

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1031 Exchanges

Often, we will have a client that has owned a property for a substantial period of time and has a low tax basis on it. They need a new and larger facility, but they are concerned with the tax liability on the sale. In these cases, we are able to facilitate a “Like-Kind Exchange” (Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code). In a “Like-Kind Exchange” arrangement, the gain on the old building would be deferred, which produces a substantial income tax savings. There are a few options for what can be done with this tax savings including investing it in a new building. Although the basis in the new building is reduced by the postponed gain on the old building, with a 1031, the tax liability will be prorated over the life of the client’s new building. There are strict Internal Revenue Service guidelines that must be followed relating to the deferral of the gain or loss. TRIAD has the experience and the expertise to guide our clients through what can be a complex 1031 process and save important tax dollars.

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Integration / Total Project Management (TPM)

It is hard to define a typical TRIAD Companies client. Over the years, building construction and real estate development has become increasingly complex. It seems that every project we take on has its own unique complexities and we relish the challenge. The one common thread among our clients and their respective projects is that each project is an investment opportunity. Whether it is a small industrial building to serve the needs of a client’s business or a large, complex office building that will be offered for lease, real estate development is often one of the largest investments a client can make. This is where the TRIAD Companies excel. Often deciding on the right investment and embarking on a building project can be one of the most time consuming, expensive and frustrating experiences of a business career. By working with the TRIAD Companies, our clients have a single source assuming the responsibility of a project from concept to reality. We at TRIAD find that the more responsibility we can take for a given project, the better we are able to control the outcome. This approach allows us to do what we do best, maximize our client’s real estate opportunity, while the client can remain focused on what they do best, running their own business. This approach allows us to do what we do best, maximize our client’s real estate opportunity, while the client can remain focused on what they do best, running their own business.

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